TigerBridge has deep institutional Experience in identifying, structuring and managing investments.

We provide Access to institutionally managed investment opportunities, generally not available to individual investors.

Our rigorous institutional-grade selection, due diligence and oversight allows investors to invest with Confidence.

We believe in Transparency that is enabled by third-party fund administration.


TigerBridge offers qualified investors the opportunity to invest in a wide variety of individual and pooled real estate investments, spanning the risk spectrum and across virtually all real estate asset classes. Investment vehicles include real estate equity and debt investments backed by a single property or a portfolio, co-mingled real estate funds, and direct real estate investments.


In addition to its real estate focused investments, TigerBridge offers qualified investors the opportunity to invest in various private equity and credit investment vehicles that provide growth capital to small and mid-size companies. Opportunities include opportunity to invest debt and equity into individual companies, or invest into institutionally managed co-mingled private equity and credit fund vehicles.


For investors that are seeking to immigrate to the United States through an investment visa program such as EB-5 or E-2, TigerBridge offers investment opportunities that have been selected and structured to meet the immigration requirements set forth by the United States Customs and Immigration Service (“USCIS”). The TigerBridge team has a combined 10 years of sourcing, structuring and managing immigration-focused investments, and is proud of its established track record of successful USCIS approvals achieved for both investor petitions and project exemplars.